Oops, hiatus. :(

So I’m on vacation and totally forgot to actually get my twitter contact info while I was gone so I can’t… do the polls.


Sorry about the hiatus! We’ll be back with the poll next Monday (the 3rd) and pick up the updates again on the following Thursday.

Post frequency update

Sooo y’all might’ve noticed how it’s been a crazy erratic posting schedule around here lately. I want to apologize for that, first; can’t go into details without going into My Personal Life but I have been dropping the ball a lot.

That, plus talking to Lyn a bit about her own writing commitments, has led to a change of plans!

We are going to be shifting the posting schedule to M-Th-S, with polls open for 24 hours after each one. Each update will be a little longer – but not that much longer. Originally they were supposed to average about 400 words per update, but Lyn consistently writes 500+ half the time…

Anyway, sorry for the generally low level of content lately. Hopefully this’ll help!

Planned Hiatus I Totally Forgot About

I asked Lyn to give me advance notice if she’d need a hiatus for something and I guess she gave me TOO much advance notice because I completely bloody forgot. At least the chapter conveniently just ended?

Anyway, Marked will resume on Tuesday. In the meantime, I’ll be doing a Q&A! Have a brief question about the characters, setting, you want answered? Leave a comment!

A New Serial!

Our resident writer Lyn is launching her newest Addergoole series tomorrow – and I am cowriting it! I’m really excited!

If you’re unfamiliar with Addergoole, it’s a dark fantasy school for teenage faeries – and I do mean dark. If you’re up for the kind of fantasy that comes with half a dozen trigger warnings, then check out Addergoole: A Ghost Story, starting tomorrow.

If you’re eager to check out the setting, there’s also Addergoole: The Original Series and Addergoole: Year 9, which ran previously and are now completed.