The Authors


After a great number of (unsuccessful) attempts to write and publish a web serial of my own, I finally had the brilliant idea of joining up with my friend Lyn – who has a great quantity of successful web-serial-ing under her metaphorical belt. I’m a genius.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on someday finishing this blasted novel I started almost ten years ago. Someday.

As for personal interests, I like steampunk (don’t ask me about steampunk) and anime (ask me about anime) and I tweet far less than I used to but still entirely too much.


I like web-serials and I love reader feedback (one of the reasons I like web serials so much), which leads me perfectly to this project!

I’m working on my own unfinished novel (since ’09), as well as, ah, a dozen other settings and one of those web-serials. I like playing in new worlds, and this time, I get to play in Cal’s.

When I’m not writing (and sometimes when I am), I like wine, cats, sci-fi, and police procedurals. Oh, and chocolate. The chocolate is important.